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About GTO Clothing

GTO Clothing is proud to sell fair wear products only. We care about the people in our supply chain, and they all should have a fair amount from every sale. GTO Clothing is not just another fashion label, and we create designs that have a story behind them and not because it’s trendy. We are a small team of Music Fans, Muscle Car Lovers and Movie Fanatics and mix all our different inputs and creativity into new clothing and apparel.

Band Tribute Merchandise, not another band name copycat T-Shirt

If you are into Alternative Music like Metal, Rock, New Wave, Goth, Rockabilly, Punkrock and similar, GTO Clothing is the right place to find some never seen before Tribute Shirts to many of the greatest bands in these Genres. Whenever we use Bandnames on our Merchandise, these items are approved and licensed by the corresponding Company. Most of the times we instead create a Tribute to a Band Member, a Song or something that has inspired us in the past from these Acts. A Good example is our Lemmy Kilmister tribute which is a copy of one of Lemmy’s favorite t-shirts he often wore. Also, the Helmet UNSUNG Tribute which is in our opinion Helmets best and most rememberable Song. The Wendy O Williams merchandise for Boys and Girls and others. Our Band Tribute Collection is still young and always growing! Make sure to come back frequently to check for new additions or sign our newsletter.

Classic American Muscle Car Merchandise created with love and passion

Some in our Team are real classic Petrolheads in love with heavy steel and massive horsepower! Therefore GTO Clothing has one of the broadest range in Vintage and Retro Muscle Car Clothing. You can find Tributes to the Chevrolet Camaro SS, 1965′ Pontiac GTO or the infamous Judge, the powerful MOPAR cars like the Dodge Charger, Challenger or Coronet. A Special Tribute to the Pony Cars from Ford like the Shelby 500 Eleanor or the Boss. The 57′ Buick Roadmaster or the Classic Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and many more. You can also find a special edition of an Australian Muscle Car Legend, the Ford Falcon XB from the MAD MAX Movie. This List is ongoing, and we are also happy if you send us some requests for models you would like to see added to our collection. We are even thinking about tributes to some other legends like the De Tomaso Pantera, The Monteverdi Hai, and others, stay tuned!

Movies, Movies, Movies …. we like em!

Who’s not in love with the road movie cult? Well, we at GTO Clothing are! Combining the love for Muscle Cars and Movies, what else could be more inspiring as the original MAD MAX movies? We have probably the largest MAD MAX tribute collection available. Be it the Jim Goose homage, the MFP Logo, the different Last V8 aka Interceptor aka Pursuit Special editions, Toecutter Gang credit and many more.