GTO Clothing is not just another fashion label – we are two T-shirt loving fanatics that just love what we do.
Every one of our designs has a story behind it and was designed with lots of passion and love.


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GTO Clothings code of conduct

Fair Production Conditions

GTO Clothing requires its suppliers to provide fair work and production conditions within their capability. This includes, among other labor standards, the assured prevention of child labor and the guarantee of fair payment. To ensure these standards, we work with suppliers who bindingly sign our Social Code of Conduct, or provide similar binding assurances of their own.

In addition, GTO Clothing works to gather detailed information about the supplier’s production conditions (Social Audit Reports, reports on local incidents tested by other textile processors).


We are committed to supporting efforts to preserve our environment. Our team works to offer environmentally-friendly options across our product line and support recycling in our own production facilities.